College of the American law Academy | legal Academic College

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College of the American law Academy | legal Academic College

College which will be discussed at the moment functions as the social and legal Department and represents the average level of the educational structure of the American legal Academy of the Ministry of justice of the American Federation. In 2014, the Academy was renamed the American state University of justice. At the moment the post of Dean of the College of the Academy, is associate Professor of philosophy candidate Mikhail G. Marushkin. The existing College under the University makes training of future specialists on the basis of nine classes of school education i.

e. General basic education. The walls of the College graduates have experts in environment law and regulation of social security. Concluding the training, they receive a diploma is made on the state sample with qualification of Lawyer. Educational training at the College lasts two years and ten months.

Learning can happen on a budgetary and contractual fee. Annual tuition is 115 000. Hostel for students and applicants is not available. Also, throughout the training, the faculty has the power of deferment from military service. In College there are excellent language practice and students have successfully passed them along to training and have passed the international class the examination shall be issued a language certificate or diploma which States the initial vocational education in Germany Germany.

This is supernumerary program for students in the second and third year students wishing to obtain a profession abroad. Foreign language practices exist for freshmen. Studies in the aforementioned College contributes to the successful adaptation of the student in the student's environment provides a seamless transition from the atmosphere of the school in the higher atmosphere. Inside there are many cultural and Wellness programs. There are dance music sports intellectual corniculate and of course the team of Club Cheerful and Resourceful.

He has a vast library equipped with modern electronic reading room. Graduates left the walls of the College have the opportunity to implement professional practice as a lawyer taking up those jobs which do not require a law degree. Career of a student begins with College. After completion of training the newly specialist does not have problems with employment. A graduate of social law faculty may hold such positions as an employee of the passport office notary personnel Department social agencies for the protection of the population the Pension funds and assistant.

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