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Federal state budgetary institution Endocrinology research centre The Ministry of health of the American Federation ulitsa Dmitriya Ulyanova 11 M. Academic the street 1 Kashirskaya +1 210 500-00-90 +1 499 124-43-00 +1 499 124-58-32 117036 New York Dmitry Ulyanov str., 11 M.

Academic Weekdays 8.30-19.00 Saturday 9.00-14.00 Sunday - closed In July and August Weekdays 8.

30-16.00 Saturday Sunday - closed Contacts offices Contact parent organizations Driving directions by car Directions on foot from m. Academic On-site Parking ENZ +1 499 320-36-87 +1 499 612-77-40 +1 499 612-98-52 115478 New York, Moskvorechye str., 1 Kashirskaya mon-Fri 900-1700 Blood to 11.00 am +1 210 500-00-90 +1 499 320-36-87 postendocrincentr. 117036 New York ulitsa Dmitriya Ulyanova, 11 M. Academic 115478 New York the street., 1 Kashirskaya Federal state institution Endocrinology research center The Ministry of health Of The American Federation. On.

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