Education or the answer to the question "where to study?" Academic Law College Of American Legal Academy Of The Ministry Of Justice

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or the answer to the question

More 1280 camps from more than 30 countries more 330 sentences vouchers discount useful articles and handy search. Universities Colleges Schools kindergartens Preparatory courses additional education Centers SUPERINFORMbaby all our projects Information and search portal for parents. Knows all about 402 Colleges in New York and New York region. The state educational institution. New York CAO Metro Tsvetnoy Boulevard The cost of tuition per semester to 85000 RUB GOU VPO American legal Academy of the Ministry of justice of the American Federation, the legal successor of all-Union Institute of advanced training of employees of justice VIRU formed by the Decree of the CPSU Central Committee and USSR Council of Ministers from 30.

07.1970 G. The resolution of the Government of the RSFSR dated 02.12.1991, No.

28 VIRU was transformed into the law Academy of the Ministry of justice of the USSR and the government of the American Federation from 08.05.1992, No. 295 in the American legal Academy of the Ministry of justice. The list of Olympiads entitling the winners to be admitted to the Academy without entrance examinations The list of Olympiads entitling the winners counted as the best results of 100 points for General subjects for admission American language History Dean Dekhtyar Alexander.

Days and reception hours every day from 14-00 to 18-00 St. Azov., 2 cor.1 KAB. 52 telephone: 8 499 794-74-42.

The Dean of the faculty of advanced studies phone: 8 499 613-47-22. The faculty training Academy offers students post-graduate students and all interested in the training on educational programs of additional professional education. The goal of this training on DPO Held various student activities Units Training courses to pass exam for students in grades 10-11. Training is carried out in accordance with the selection listener in the following disciplines The form and Terms of training Registration for courses takes place at M. Tsvetnoy Boulevard, Bolshoi Karetny pereulok 10A 4th floor on the left staircase.

Center of pre-University training Admission is possible on the basis 9 and 11 classes. The training is conducted in the following forms Students not available hostel. There the budget places. The College conducts training in the following areas of study New York, Karetny B. per.

, 10A. 650-66-93 8 210 8 210 8 210 650-65-53 650-69-33 No one has left a review do this first. Not to show my name on the website Nick For access to the requested resource log in with your username or through social services.

Email Password All educational institutions in subway stations All stations 174 © 2009 2016 Superinform Development and sprawozdaniach infolio.

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