Forms of learning

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Forms of learning

New York CAO Kievskaya str., 7 1 min. from m. Kiev and the shopping center European +1 210 151-19-01 +1 915 323-66-88 Educational Department +1 985 Professional Computer Education Small Computer Academy Professional courses The training program with a duration of 25 years was developed by practicing experts in accordance with modern international standards.

It is built on the principle of Maximum practice, minimum theory. This program will be interesting for those who have decided to learn the most current and paid to date profession and is determined to change the world for the better. The students received computer education in Step is a full-fledged specialists in their industry knowledge and skills ensure a successful start in IT. Software development Computer graphics and design Network technologies and system administration Small Computer Academy is a computer education for children of 9-14 years to enable the child to derive maximum benefit from time spent at the computer. In Small Computer Academy students gain practical skills and theoretical knowledge.

Teachers will teach children to develop Internet sites to simulate and program your robots to create your own games to animate the characters to work safely with the search engines to take photos and video. The acquired knowledge will help your child to make an early start in IT ahead of their peers in a future professional development. The computer will no longer be for a child just a toy but a tool to create your own projects that can grow to the level of world famous startups. Small Computer Academy Summer computer courses Specialized computer courses for the period of training from 4 months. The courses aim to give basic knowledge and skills to narrow IT profession.

Classes are held in small groups each participant has their own workstation and computer. All Tutors are practicing professionals with experience. The development and promotion of WEB-projects +1 210 151-19-01 +1 915 323-66-88 New York CAO Kievskaya str., 7 1 min. from m.

Kiev and the shopping center European © 1999-2016 Computer Academy STEP Spacebase left, saukunis Manager will contact You shortly Thank you for registering Waiting for You at the event Spacebase left, saukunis HR-Manager will contact You shortly Spacebase Your interest in the training Step.To receive demonstration lessons, follow the link Enter your phone number and we will call You in 30 seconds Connection with the operator.. We did not Excuse the operator will contact you soon.

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