New York, Sadovnicheskaya str., 52/45Электронная mail: (210)951-54-97, Fax +1 (210)951

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New York, Sadovnicheskaya str., 52/45Электронная mail: (210)951-54-97, Fax +1 (210)951

New York, street Sadovnicheskaya, D. 5245Электронная mail 210951-54-97 Fax: +1 210951-76-12 Main News Our life Congratulations and proud Faculties Departments The selection Committee Contacts SCHEDULE OF CLASSES Maimonides Maimonides was born in 1135 in Spain, in Cordoba 14 day of the month of Nissan of the year 4895 according to the Jewish chronology in the family of judge T. Cordoba Rabbi Maimon Ben Yosef. Along with the religious and theological higher education well-known Talmudist Maimonides received a secular education in mathematics, the natural Sciences of astronomy, medicine, jurisprudence, philosophy and music.

In relation to the General scientific views of Maimonides, of particular interest is epistemology especially as applied to astronomy. It is unclear whether the Rambam believed that the heavenly bodies are incomprehensible or in this way he struggled with the evidence of Aristotle that the world is eternal. Maimonides possessed a universal knowledge and was aware of the difficulties of astronomy and the discrepancy between it and which was adopted by the physics of Aristotle Maimonides in his theology attempts to avoid anthropomorphism in the determination of the Almighty as any positive description gives It human qualities thereby diminish It About The Academy Departments Useful links Academy of Maimonides institution of higher education in USA is structured based on the unique achievements of the American educational system and is a structural copy of the First University by M. V. Lomonosov.

Applicants Calendar of events News departments Faculties Contacts Full name Federal state budgetary educational institution of higher professional education State classical Academy named after Maimonides State Classical Maimonides Academy Abbreviated name of FGBOU VPO HCA Maimonides MSCA Address 115035 New York, Sadovnicheskaya d. 5245. Phone educational management +1 210 439-14-70+1 210 951-54-97 Fax: +1 210 951-76-12 © 19912015 State classical Academy.

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