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THE MISSION OF THE ACADEMY Today the New York Academy of Economics and law well-established University with its own infrastructure allows to implement any educational projects. Mission Mael serving the interests and prosperity of USA on the basis of integration of education and research providing high quality of life. The staff of the Academy considers its main task to prepare competitive specialists who are professionally and morally responsible innovation a commitment to leadership and a broad cultural Outlook. It is believed that the mission should be as simple and transparent to all who know her. However, the modern University is a complex multifunctional object of strategic management.

Mael reasonably carries out its own development strategy and vision for the future of serious and prestigious educational institutions. This guarantees a high quality of educational efficiency and effectiveness scientific research on the basis of production and application of new scientific knowledge. Scientific-pedagogical staff of the Academy is the Union of academic teachers staff and students exposed the keepers of the high spirit of academic freedom and corporate ethics. Mael intends to further strengthen their social status and subsequently become effective in the current American centre of education, science and culture. We are proud of our history and traditions We think about the future Buyanov Vladimir Petrovich the rector of the New York Academy of Economics and law, doctor of economic Sciences, Professor 111105 New York Warsaw highway, d.

23 954-10 tel. 214-214 91факс 958-14-32 e-mail Site map The old version of the site The old version.

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