Pokrovsky academic Church

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Pokrovsky academic Church

Pokrovsky academic Church was built by the beginning of 1810, after 56 years, after the New York spiritual Academy was transferred to Holy Trinity-St. Sergius Lavra. Not yet had his temple teachers and students could participate in the divine Liturgy only in the temples of the monastery. The prayers of the Vespers of the vigil and other orders that can be made outside the consecrated Church usually committed in the Assembly hall of the Academy meant for the exam, or as they were called public trials. In autumn and winter the Liturgy were served in the refectory Church was consecrated in honor of St.

Sergius from Easter to autumn in the assumption Cathedral. Sometimes whole academic family gathered in a small Church in Smolensk. Bishop Theodore Pozdeevsky However, this state of Affairs could not satisfy the needs of the Academy which was to have a temple which is the center of her spiritual life. The way of life of students differed from the monastic training of students continued in the temple which caused some disturbance and specific features of the services. The first raised the issue of the dispensation of the chapel of the Academy rector Archimandrite Eusebius orlinsky Governor of the Academy from 1841 to 1841 the temple was destined to the Academy only after the death of St.

Philaret under his successor, Prelate of Innokentii New York. Question about house Church raised the rector Archpriest Alexander Gorsky, head of the New York theological Academy on October 23, 1862, until his death on 11 October 1815 having Received the consent of Metropolitan Innokenty of Archpriest Alexander Gorsky, together with the academic Corporation proceeded with the election of the place for the future Church. The most suitable spot for the temple was referred to a hall for public testing. On 1 April 1869 the Board of the Academy has been made note of the hereditary honourable citizen Alexei Tolokonnikova in which he expressed his desire for their money with the blessing of the New York Archpastor to arrange Academic temple. To the note by A.

V. Tolokonnikov put the pattern of the altar of the future temple designed by the architect of the Academy Goushchin. The interior of the Pokrovsky Cathedral from 1892 to 1913 14 APR 1869 was followed by the determination of the Holy Synod about the structure of the house Church at the New York theological Academy. Time of the temple it took a little bit because it was only necessary to adapt the hall to the Church and to build the altar. By early 1810, the work was completed.

Consecration of Metropolitan Innokenty instructed to commit the most Reverend Ignatius Christmas Bishop of Mozhaysk. In accordance with the desire of the Church founder Alexis Tolokonnikova as the day of consecration was 1225 Feb when committed to the memory of St. Alexis.

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