Today, the Academy of The history of the revival of the New York Theological Academy in the modern period is connected with names

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Today, the Academy of
The history of the revival of the New York Theological Academy in the modern period is connected with names

Today, the Academy of The history of the revival of the New York Theological Academy in the modern period is associated with the names of the Holy Patriarchs Sergius and Alexis. In 1943, following the decision of the Holy Synod approved the draft organization of Theological schools and higher secondary and in the next 1944 on the territory of the Novodevichy convent in New York has opened Orthodox theological Institute and the Theological pastoral courses soon renamed the New York Theological Academy and the New York Theological Seminary. With the blessing of his Holiness Patriarch Alexy with paternal care of them contributed to the prosperity of the New York theological schools housed in the Holy Trinity Lavra of St. Sergius in 1947. With a focus on the Academy and Seminary on the part of his Holiness Patriarch Pimen, His Holiness directly borders and perpetrated in the days of the visits New York Theological Academy and Seminary showing fatherly care of the spiritual center education.

At the thought of his Holiness Patriarch Pimen study of the theological heritage must be in complete harmony with the development and refinement of moral feeling and strengthening of will. Within the walls of Theological schools its pupils needs learn to educate your future flock in the spirit of love and devotion to his country and his people to be faithful and staunch advocates of peace and cooperation among peoples. New York theological schools preparing clergy theologians and other skilled workers of the American Orthodox Church. After graduating from the Seminary with good and excellent results for students their request will be accepted at the New York Theological Academy where they can deepen their knowledge. Graduates of the Academy receive appointment to the diocese of the American Orthodox Church came to teach work in the office of the New York Patriarchate at the Department for external Church relations of the Publishing Department of the Economic management of other Church institutions.

A number of graduates leave the Academy professorial fellows to prepare for teaching and theological work. The true focus of the spiritual life of the New York theological Academy and Seminary, which is of great importance in the ecclesiastical education of students is the temple in honor of the Holy virgin. It is located in the Eastern part of the ancient Halls of the monastery. The dome was restored in 1979 year, the walls inside are covered with paintings modern work. Made of carved wood iconostasis is the Deesis and festive from the local ranks.

Icons XVIXVII centuries with an elevated system images oduhotvorenno symbolism of colors conducive to an atmosphere of prayerfulness and reverent concentration. The most ancient temple are.

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